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   Director: Shu-Fen Chen
   Office:College of Humanities and Social Sciences Room A501
   Education:Ph. D. in Linguistics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
   Discipline:Sanskrit, Chinese linguistics


   Full time Lecturer: Carol Wu

   Office:Shui Mu Student Center 2F
NCCU Ph. D. candidate of Teaching Chinese as a second Language
   Discipline:All-level Mandarin courses, Teacher training courses,
   Phonetics Teaching, Mandarin reading & writing, Teaching Practice

   Full time Lecturer: Zoe Lin

   Office:Shui Mu Student Center 2F
   Education:NTHU Ph.D. candidate of Chinese program
   Discipline:All-level Mandarin courses, Chinese character teaching

    Adjunct Lecturer: Yolanda Yu

     Office:Shui Mu Student Center 2F
     Education:NTNU Master of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
     Discipline:All-level Mandarin courses, Culture classes







    Adjunct Lecturer: Weiqiao Hsu

      Office:Shui Mu Student Center 2F
      Education:NTHU Graduate Institude of Philosophy
      Discipline:All-level Mandarin courses, Mandarin culture class,
      Business Mandarin








    Administrative Assistant

      Office:Shui Mu Student Center 2F



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