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2018 Intensive Mandarin Program
2018 Intensive Mandarin Program
There are 4 term of intensive Mandarin program in 2018, spring, summer, fall and winter. The class will begin on the first Monday of March, June , September and December.

Following is the further information.

1.Intensive Mandarin courses :

(1). 春Spring(180hrs): 5th March- 25th May

(2). 夏Summer(180hrs): 4th June-24th August

(3). 秋Fall(180hrs) : 3rd September - 23rd November

(4).冬Winter (150 hrs) : 3rd December- 8th February

Time:9:10 a.m.~12:00 or 13:30 p.m.~16:20 p.m. Mon.~Fri.

教材:當代中文課程 Course in Contemporary Chinese (Textbook)

2.所需文件the requirement to get admired

(1) 密集華語課程申請表、入學申請表CLC application form

(2) 語言背景調查表Survey of student’s language background

(3) 高中以上學歷High school or university diploma (photocopy)

(4) 財力證明Financial statement showing at least NTD$80,000 from within the past 3 months

(5) 護照影本Passport information page (photocopy)


NT$33000 + NT$1000(Registration Fee )--180hours

NT$28000 + NT$1000(Registration Fee )--150hours

4.繳費方式 the way to pay

You can come clc to pay the fee,our working hours are 8:30-17:30.

戶名(Account Name): 國立清華大學401專戶(National Tsing Hua University 401 Account)
帳號(Account No.): 0150 3607 0041
銀行(Bank)::台灣銀行新竹分行( Bank of Taiwan-Hsinchu Branch)
備註(Remark): 106D0003BE Intensive Chinese Courses

After you complete the transaction, please provide remittance certificates,you can scan or take picture of the remittance receipt.
If you transfer US dollar, the exchange rate is subject to the official rate of the day of transaction.

Please send these documents to this email :

TEL: +886-3-571-5131#35087
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