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Intensive Program
Intensive Mandarin Program
There are 4 term of intensive Mandarin program in 2017, spring, summer, fall and winter. The class will begin on the first work day of March, June , September and December.

Following is the further information.

1.Intensive Mandarin Program 2017

l Terms:

²Spring(180hrs): March-May

²Summer(180hrs): June-August

²Fall(180hrs): September-November

²Winter(150hrs): December-February

l Time:

Monday-Friday (9:00-12:00or13:30-16:30)

The class for beginners will be arranged in the morning.

l Tuition:

(Winter)150hrs: NT$28,000

(Spring, Summer& Fall)180hrs: NT$33,000

ØSince it is the first time we have intensive program, we will give 10% discount to student who registers the spring intensive program. (Spring term=NT$29,700)

l Registration Fee:NT$1,000(aboutUS$32)

l Type: group learning

2. Visa :

l We can give student only admission letter to apply visa but not give visa directly.

l After student hands in the required documents and pay the deposit NT$3,000, we will verify the documents and mail an Admission Letter.

3. Required Documents:

1.NTHU CLC Application Form (with Two 2-inch photos )
2.Survey of Student’s Language Background (with One 2-inch photos )
3.Intensive Program Application Form
4.Financial Statement issued within 3 months (at least NT$80,000)
5. A photocopy of your diploma
6. A photocopy of your passport’s information page