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1.Taking a level test for non- Mandarin Basic I students.
2.Hand in all the documents to the Chinese Language Center and we will print put your bill sheet so that you can make the payment in the convenient stores.
3.Hand in all the receipts to the Chinese Language Center Office.

Documents you will need:
1. One photocopy of passport, valid visa and Alien Resident Certificate (Bring your original documents for verification.)
2. A completed application form Highest Diploma/Certificate






4. 根據教育部「大學辦理推廣教育計畫審查要點」第11條第1項規定︰「學員自報名繳費後至實際上課日前退學者,退還已繳學分費、雜費等各項費用之七成。自實際上課之日算起未逾全期三分之一者退還已繳學分費、雜費等各項費用之半數。在班時間已逾全期三分之ㄧ者,不予退還。」



1. CLC NTHU will not be able to grant you a student visa, nor can we issue any admission letter. Please consult Bureau of Consular Affairs ( for questions concerning student visa applications.

2. Please enroll as well as pay the tuition fee IN PERSON at CLC NTHU. We do not take credit card payments.

3. A high school or above degree is required for enrollment.

4. According to Article 11 of MOE’s regulation on “College Continuing Education, ” 70% of the tuition will be refunded if the student drops out before the class begins. 50% will be refunded if the class has started for less than 1/3 of the semester; while no tuition will be refunded if the class has started for more than 1/3 of the semester.

5. Classes for each semester start on September and February respectively. The starting date for summer courses (July and August) will be posted on our website at a later date.